Gin Menu  Gin with Lemonade, Tonic, or Ginger Ale! Whatever your Gin choice we've got it covered!  

Gordon's Gin  
Gordon's London Dry Gin has been triple-distilled. Its classic style makes it the perfect gin for the definitive G&T.  
Mix Gordon's with tonic over Ice and a slice for a refreshing tasting G&T.  
ABV - 38% 
Gordon's Pink Gin 
Gordon's pink gin has the refreshing taste of Gordon's gin with the sweetness of raspberries & Strawberries with a tang of redcurrant. Enjoy a perfectly mixed pink gin with Lemonade or Tonic and plenty of ice.  
ABV - 37% 
Gordon's Sicilian Lemon  
Sicilian lemon gin is a delicious Mediterranean twist on the original Gordon's gin. It is a crisp refreshing distilled gin with juniper and juicy lemons. Served with tonic over Ice and a slice of lemon.  
ABV 37.5% 
Boë - Violet Gin 
Boë Scottish is infused with violets to create a gin with light, delicate taste and beautiful aroma. Enjoy with a tonic and ice.  
ABV - 41.5% 
Hendrick's Gin  
No other Gin tastes like Hendrick's because no other is made like Hendrick's. Hand crafted in Scotland, Hendrick's is an infusion of rose petal & cucumber gin.  
Enjoy Hendrick's with tonic, Ice and slices of cucumber.  
ABV - 41.4% 
Bombay Sapphire 
Bombay Sapphire is created through a unique vapour infusion process, made up of 10 botanicals. Perfect with tonic, and lots of Ice and a slice of lime or why not try it with cranberry juice?!  
ABV - 40% 
Tanqueray Sevilla 
Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is made with bittersweet Seville oranges to deliver a fruity & zesty taste. Best served with plenty of ice and a wedge of orange.  
ABV - 41.3% 
Warners Rhubarb Gin 
Fresh, Tangy & Sweet 1/3 of this bottle of gin is freshly pressed rhubarb juice. Best enjoyed with tonic or ginger ale over lots of ice.  
ABV - 40% 
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